Vinyl Transfer

Preserving Precious Memories


How many records can I get on a CD?

It will depend upon the length of each individual track, but to give you some idea, most 78s are approx 3 mins per side, 45s are roughly the same, and LPs can be between 24 and 30 mins per side. Each CD has 80 mins recording time.

Will the CD play in my car as well as on my home stereo?

Yes. We use a format that should play on any system.

How long will the process take?

Normally we would process them within 48 hours so you should have them back within a week.

Can you restore the sound from records with scratches that click while playing?

Certainly, our programme digitally "heals" the gap that causes the click.

If I wanted a CD made up from a mixture of reel to reel, cassette, and 78s could you do it?

No problem, just tell me what order you want them on the CD.

Could you transfer my old 78s and leave the sound as it is, crackles and all?

Yes, quite a few people prefer to leave the sound as it is, and preserve the originals by playing the CD instead.

I have a tape of my son when he was three years old (now 46)  but it has a very loud hiss on it, could you eliminate this before transferring it to a CD?

With our digital programme we can reduce most tape noises to a level below which the human ear can detect.

How will I know what the playing order is on the CD?

The track numbers and titles will be printed on the inlay in running order.

I have loads of 78s if I wanted them all transferred would you give me a discount?

Yes. I would be pleased to supply a free quotation depending on the amount of records to be processed.

What if I am not satisfied with the final sound?

If you are in any way sceptical, I will gladly send you a sample before starting on the project proper, in which case you can then decide whether you wish me to proceed.

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