Vinyl Transfer

Preserving Precious Memories


John --

The disc and CDs arrived in a week..

Was flat-out impressed with your work and "fidelity" from the 78.

Hand-carried the CD to Dr. Morrison and he was "blown-away" and

thought your transfer work was "miraculous."

Can't thank you enough for all your efforts.

You deserve more customers!


Absolutely fantastic.

Many thanks



Hi John

Received everything today and we have just finished listening to them they are brilliant you have done a great job for us.

We will be doing the rounds to the surviving members of the family to let them hear themselves some of those good singers were recorded forty plus years ago.

I have one more cassette tape to be found of our daughter when she was very little talking and singing on her own little tape recorder i will find it soon i hope and will send it to you.

Thanks again John

Regards Clive


Hi John, I've just got home from work and the CD has arrived. Thank you so much for what you've done and your presentation was excellent.

I'm not sure if it was my sister or myself reading the story about Pierre and also the party, I'm not too sure who's who but I heard my Dad talking and my Great Aunt.

They both died in 2002 so it was lovely to hear them again. Also the Guitar was definitely my Dad playing. I used to love listening to him play and it was how I remember him sounding when he was playing.

It brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you for bringing back memories that I may never have heard if I hadn't contacted you.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

Kind regards



Hi John
Thank you so much for your excellent work transferring my old school
record to CD, and for doing it in record time. My sisters and I are very
grateful indeed to you for being able to provide such a special memory
at an important time for our family.



Tapes and Cd's have arrived safely so many thanks. Am delighted to have them all sounding so much clearer than the originals were .

Good luck with all your future endeavor's

Best Wishes,



Hi John - Sorry for delay in getting back to you - been over run with work and only just got to listen to the CD's - brilliant - thanks! .

Best Regards. Barry.

John. The CD arrived this morning and I am delighted with the results and now have a record of my youth which will not deteriorate further. Many thanks again for doing a brilliant job .


John- I’m recommending you to all. Professional, top service & honest!

Many thanks!

Kind regards.


From nigel_fulton@xxxxxxxx

Date 5th January 2008

Dear John, The CD arrived this morning and to say the least,

I am delighted with the results and swift attention you have

given to getting the job done to my satisfaction, considering

that one of the recordings was made over 60 years ago (and

has been damaged by me over the years), the transfer to CD

has been most worthwhile.

Please use this letter as a testimonial to your skills.

Yours, Nigel.

Hello John,

Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. Anyway, my parents are absolutely delighted with the CDs you made from their tapes, and the bits I heard over Christmas seemed good to me too. They are thrilled to have their music restored to them, and at a better sound quality than the tapes gave. They do intend to have some more done at some point.

Many thanks for an excellent and efficient service which has brought a lot of pleasure,


Hi John.

Many thanks for the recording received today.

Excellent, efficient & speedy – many thanks!

Kind regards.


hi john

just listened to the cd, it is brilliant.can't thank you enough,you've done a great job. Kate

Hello John, If you could send me a Paypal Invioce, that would be great! Will also send next lot of tapes this weekend. Can I just thank you for having this wonderful service, that you obviously enjoy and handle so professionally.. Rob

Dear John

Just to say - many thanks for doing such a great job on the LP - over the moon and brings back many of my childhood memories - thanks again

Wednesday 28th November 2007

Hi john
         just listened to the cd, it is brilliant.can't thank you enough,you've done a great job.
Helen Eyre

 Monday 10th September 2007

Dear John
Sorry for not replying to you sooner, but I have just had chance to listen to the CD's all the way through.
Thanks to you it was lovely to have heard family voices, and I am hoping that my Dad will enjoy it as much as I have.
Thanks again


Friday 13th July 2007

Hi John

Tapes and CD arrived safely some days ago – sorry for delay in replying.

Mike & I are very pleased with the CD.

Thank you for your excellent service – I will certainly recommend you to friends.




Date: Saturday 23rd June 2007

Hi John,

CD arrived this morning, really impressed with the result, the presentation, playlist, credits, etc. A very professional job, thank you very much.


Date: Thursday 7th June 2007
Greetings John!
Just today I finally made it up to Canton NY (a 5 hour drive for me from Buffalo) to retrieve about 10 of the 38 cds you produced for us.  Varick has not done a thing with them since they arrived (he is deep into other projects), so I am the first to hear these, and they're terrific!  I've heard samples of several so far, and they sound great.  Your packaging and labelling is also terrific.
I'll report back after I've put in more hours of listening....
Thanks again,
Dave R.
Date: Wed 13th December 2006
Dear John,
I hope you have received the money for the cds.The cds arrived yesterday.What fun we've had listening to them. Thank you for editing them into bitsized chunks. We'll be playing them to my mum on Christmas day. I've got a feeling there will be a few tears shed as she hears the voice of her own mum. The cds have brought back many happy memories. Thank you.
Jane Savage


Mon, 27 Nov 2006 10:08:34 +0000

Hi John,

The CD's are amazing. Most of the recordings were made over 40 years ago in the West of Ireland when I was still a baby and as you heard the accents are pretty strong!

It is wonderful to be able to hear my parents voices again (and very strange to realise they were younger then, than I am now). And some hilarious recitals/singing from my siblings. It brings back memories from long long ago...we are very lucky these few tapes survived. It is great to be able to hear them again and have a reminder of what a happy childhood we had.

I will be sending copies to my 3 (older) siblings, who can't wait to hear them!

You did a fantastic editing job and the sound quality is hard to believe given the age & poor condition of the tapes.

Many thanks for a superb service.

Kind regards


Wed, 15 Nov 2006 16:10:17 -0000


I received the tape and cd today, a good recovery job on my old tape,

Thank you.

Best wishes, Tony Pearce.


31st August 2006

Hello John,

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU. For a great service!! You transferred an
old crackly LP onto a CD which plays pitch perfect & even downloads onto MP3
which great sound quality. I will be using you again as soon as I can.

Mark Elmer


Date 18th July 2006

The original tape and CD transfers arrived this morning, I am thrilled and delighted with the results, copies are already being posted and emailed to the rest of the family all around of the globe.

 If you want to use my "story" or any comments on your website please feel free, 
Thanks once again

Date:Sat, 8 Apr 2006 14:01:42



Hello John

CDs arrived this morning.

Thank you so much for such a professional job. It rolled back the years just listening to them I cannot wait to let the family hear themselves from when they were youngsters. I am sure they will be a few blushes. These are memories that money just cannot buy .Such a precious moment in time captured and then enhanced by yourself - brilliant.

I am sincerely grateful to such a talented person and I cannot thank you enough.

Kind Regards



From : 


chughes c-hughes@xxxxxxxx
Sent :  21 March?㺕:13:18
To :  "john burrows"
Subject :  Re: Vinyl Transfer
Hello - All received OK this morning - they have all come out excellently  -
I am very pleased with them - money well spent - thank you  - if I ever need
any more done I will be in contact
Best Regards
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Name: Robin Cardwell
Email: robincardwell@xxxxxxx

Date: Wed Dec 21 17:39:32 EST 2005
Dear John,
Just a quick note to say thank you for such an excellent job you did on the recordings I sent you recently.Your fast courteous service is very much appreciated.


Name: Dave
Email: dave_truesdale@xxxx
Date: Sun Oct 30 04:34:47 EST 2005
Hello Again John

Just thought I would let you know that your work has been very much appreciated.
I let my Mum & Dad hear it as you know who are in their 80's .The tears streamed down their faces and I thought this is going to be to much for them so I asked did they want me to stop NO came the reply. So they listened to it right through and at the end they both said that you had done a wonderful job and brought floods of happy memories back to them and then it was a wander down memory lane telling us stories of this Aunts & Uncles Grans & Granpa's and about my brother.
John from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. You made two old people very happy and I dont mind saying I had a tear in my eye also.
Singing all of your praises to relatives - hope it brings you some more transfers.

Kind Regards David

Name: Barbara Martin
Date: Sun Oct 30 03:58:01 EST 2005
Thank you John for all that you did to transfer my scratchy tape of a 1954 recording to CD. I am very pleased with the result. Thank you again.


Name: Dave
Email: dave_truesdale@xxxxx
Date: Wed Oct 19 12:33:03 EDT 2005
What can I say but Thank You so much for such a professional job.You have brought many memories back and saved them for eternity.
The quality is better than I could have imagined.
I would recommend your services to anyone who wants quality and professionalism.
Once again Thank You so much words cannot express my heartfelt thanks .
Kind Regards David

Name  Maria

Email maria.hume@xxxxx

Date 5 October 2005

Hi JohnReceived tapes and CDs this morning. Am listening to the second one already. They're terrific.Thank you very very much indeed.I am sure my Dad will love them and it will be terrific to hear them in such good quality as well.Good luck with your business and take care.Kindest regardsMaria 


From : 

Sent :  09 September?㺒:07:42

John, Really pleased with the CD, it almost seemed as though he was here at times. I have to admit to moist eyes as well, 48 years just rolled away. I never thought I,d hear those songs as good as they are again, so thanks again, and I hope to do business with you in the future. I got a fourtrack recently, and have been trying to get the hang of that.Use these comments on your site if you wish, I,m putting the CD on again , and then will try to track down Alec,  Brian Hall.


Name: Danny
Email: danielmacabi@xxxx
Date: Wed Jul 20 06:29:11 EDT 2005
A very professional job done with extreme care. You have been very helpful and I will definetely be using your services again.
Thanks very much


Name: brenda christie

Date: Tue May 24 13:27:44 EDT 2005
Dear John,  CD arrived this morning. Thank you so much. It’s just brilliant. I can’t wait to see my daughter’s face when she opens it on her birthday, she’ll be so pleased and tap dancing round the room with Christopher Walken! Your service and your communications are the tops, I will be telling all my friends that if they need to transfer their old tapes to CD you are the only service to use. Long may you continue! Thank you again, Brenda



Name: Steve


Date: Thurs Mar 31

The CD is just amazing. Songs 35 to 40 years old sound as good as new. A+++++


Name: chris
Date: Mon Feb 14 16:29:51 EST 2005
I much appreciate the effort you put in to transfer and restore the old 1/4 inch tape reel I sent you. I was very pleased with how quickly you got the cd back to me. Thanks for your excellent service.

Name: Peter George
Date: Sun Jan 09 08:55:46 EST 2005
CD received - many thanks for a fast and efficient service

Date: Tues Nov 30. 2004






Name: Martie Rozkydal
Date: Wed Dec 01 13:49:18 EST 2004
I just received the cd you made of Marion Parson's tape. I really enjoyed listening to Marion's songs, I think they are quite good, but the quality of the homemade tape made them less enjoyable than they might have been. The cd took care of levels and gaps. It is just unbelievable! I am so happy to have it. I actually opened it at the post office and listened to it on the way home. You do amazing work! Thank you so much.

Name: wysiwyg
Date: Mon Sep 27 15:39:57 EDT 2004
You know, before I sent our old gospel field tapes to you, I was really pretty damn sick of hearing them. I spent hours going through them to see what I thought was worth asking you to clean up. Soon, all I could hear were mistakes we hope we learned from, long ago.

I got the results of your work in today's mail, and you know, I can't hear the mistakes anymore. And yet we do still sound like us-but all I can hear is clean sound, people loving music, and a good time.

You are doing fine work, and we're so lucky you want to do it. I know a lot of people who say they have the tools to clean up old sound. But you have the EAR and the HEART and the objectivity to do what we might otherwise try to do for ourselves. Like a good copy editor makes a good writer look REALLY good, you lift us up.

As a singer, in fact I think it's fair to say you have given me a vocal facelift. I sound much younger and much more, um, bright! And I feel like singing again!